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Over 30 years experience in custom belt buckles

We manufacture Australian mining belt buckles in two styles – 3D and 2D.

Most belt buckles created for the mining industry are in the 3D style. They commonly feature mining machinery set in a mining environment with a sculptured finish. Images are raised up from the surface of the belt buckle to create an impressive three dimensional scene.

Belt buckles made in the 2D style have the image sunk down into the face of the buckle. They are less dramatic and impressive than the 3D versions. However this finish is ideal for displaying a logo, and for some text.

Our Step-by-Step guide to ‘Designing a Belt Buckle’ shows you a sample belt buckle being designed and manufactured for the United Group. In ‘Manufacturing a Belt Buckle’ we take you through the whole process of creating custom belt buckles in the foundry.


All products can be customised with company logos or messages celebrating specific events. Engraving, embossing, embroidery, stencilling – there are many options to turn your product into a unique gift.

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Manufacturing Belt Buckles

Step your multi tools, or tankards up a notch to become superb records of your company and its special milestones by affixing our hand crafted and cast pewter plates.


A selection of finishes is available – recessed, brushed relief, brass or pewter, antique, colour enamel. Our sales team can advise you on options to achieve a gift you’ll be proud to present.


Plates are attached with super strength glues and the edges bevel finished to avoid catching.

Designing Your Belt Buckle

Working out how your belt buckle might look